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184 pages, 20 x 28 cm, ca 140 illustrations. Hardcover. In English, German and French.
ISBN: 978-3-89790-369-2
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Thierry Boissel (born in 1962) creates his glass art in an exciting dialogue with the surroundings and in the context of architecture. His subtle works, created for specific locations, move between the concrete and the abstract and have a multilayered effect on the surrounding space. They are compositions of great luminosity and presence, which interact sensitively with their location whilst at the same time taking their history and function into account. Furthermore they create poetic illuminated spaces, rich in memories and connections, which are constantly transforming according to the incidence of light. For his work is primarily about working with light, incorporating it into the various layers or structures of the transparent, translucent and coloured glass and making it visible.
Boissel thereby often works and experiments with glass that is manipulated whilst hot or with enamel, so as to create multilayered works of specific densities and depths. Whether figurative or abstract, artistically gestural or geometrically constructive: his glass art appears to be in constant movement through its interplay with light, showing its versatility in the tension between the visible and the invisible. Depending on the perspective and the interaction of the viewer, his works transform themselves and their presence within the space, many things become perceivable that previously went unnoticed.
The French artist, who since 1991 has been heading the study Workshop for Glass painting, Light and Mosaic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, is amongst the most significant representatives of current trends in contemporary glass painting. Since the 1980s he has created a rich oeuvre, which comprises numerous free-standing works, paintings, sculptures and installations, alongside in situ glass art.

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